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Dirty White Blog

What is the dirty white blog, you ask?  Truth be told, I have no idea.  I’ve been sitting around today trying to figure out something to do, so I asked my buddy, Dirty Dick.  He said, “I just friended you on facebook.”  But, I mean, what good is that?  Facebook held my attention for about two weeks.  I’ve since decided that it is more of a “Big Brother Stalker” type application than it is a way to kill time, or express one’s self.


So, I checked out his FB page.  About 32 seconds later, I was still bored, and felt like I had violated his privacy.  So, that brings me to this blog.  Dirty Dick said to me, “we should start a blog and call it ‘Mac & Cheese’, and we can just write about Apple, and how cheesy the company has become.”  Well, I thought about it, and it sounded fun.  Not the whole blogging about how cheesy Apple has become, but just blogging in general.

So, lo and behold, we bring you The Dirty White Blog.  A blog about all things dirty, and white.  Well, actually, we’ll probably talk about things that are clean, and different colors as well.  Although, many Apple products are white, and they do get dirty very easy!  The name actually  stems from another one of our projects that never took off.  A few years back, we actually wrote a screenplay entitled ‘Dirty White Boy’ about a troubled 20-something who decides to start dating a sex doll.  It was mostly a way for us to vent about how we felt in that decade, and we’ve since moved on.  Not sure who actually inspired us to write about a man and his love doll, but that script actually exists in a couple of forms out there.  Short film, and webisode miniseries.  I think it would have worked much better than that other sex doll movie, Lars and the Real Girl, that coincidentally came out a couple years after we wrote the script; but the two stories only shared the doll.  That movie was more of a drama about a messed up dude who fell in love with a doll.  Ours was more of a dirty white boy and his dumb ass friends, and oh yeah, he dabbles in sex dolls.  Oh yeah, “Dirty White Boy” is also the name of an old school song by Foreigner.  But that has absolutely NO relation to us.  Foreigner sucks!

Anyway, that is the story behind the name of the blog.  Now that we’ve gotten past that, we can talk about more interesting, and perhaps even thought provoking things.

Hopefully this amounts to more than just a couple tools writing letters to one another in a digital forum.  Nice to make your acquaintance.

~Dirty Dan

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