Captyn Zodiak Where U Be???

By Dirty Dick

Sup all,

              This was brought to my attention a few months ago by the Mighty Dirty Dan. Dan mentioned to me that he was watching Tv late Saturday evening on a local New Jersey cable show (Channel 57 TW, Channel 85 RCN). Danny Boy told me about a strange new wave program that would blow my mind called “Captyn Zodiakís House of Infinite Possibilities”. At first Captyn shocked me as how/why this character had his own spot on the local television but it slowly came to me that Captyn was bring a message! A totally new way of thinking to the general masses!!! I Know, I Know,  The full focus head shots aren’t my thing either but things can be worse. They can have a 24 hour marathon of “The Hills” running. LoL Well I’m interested in you overall opinion on this guy. Let me know what you think about this old time raver with no creative outlet other than the web and local cable tv. Peace, time to take a dump

-Scratched the surface you’ll will find a more deserving you-


Peace, Dirty Dick

Captyn Zodiak Official Website


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