Another [Dirty] Question

By Dirty Dan

I came across this while I was on a Radiohead blog.  They donated the usage of one of their songs to an organization called the National Coalition for the Homeless.  The title of the commercial is “It Can Happen to Anyone.”  Now, I know the economy is tight right now, but do you really think i can happen to anyone?  Growing up, my brother used to constantly tell me that I was a Fuck Up and that I would eventually end up homeless because I didn’t focus on my studies in high school.  We obviously had a difference of opinion on that (as well as just about everything else in life), however, for a time there while I was younger, part of me used to fear the thought of eventually becoming homeless.  That fear didn’t persuade me to do anything different in high school.  I just wasn’t into it.  I excelled in college, even though it was just a little tougher to get in.  Whatever.

Can homelessness really ‘happen to anyone‘ though?  Most of the homeless people I meet- and I come across a lot- seem to either be mentally unstable, or happy walking through life and going where the wind blows.  I’m pretty sure that if my life fell apart and I ended up homeless, I would find a way to get out of that situation.  I mean, say you’re homeless for a week, couldn’t you somehow get a P.O. Box and fill out some applications at McDonald’s and Taco Bell?  I mean, you really need to try to be homeless.  If you are homeless, but you are not a dirtbag or a crackhead, I would think you would be able to convince someone that you are capable of more and get yourself out of that situation.  What do you think? 

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