A Dirty Way to Die.

Dirty Dan


File this under worst ways to die.  I recently saw this news report about a promoter at some Monster Truck Event who unknowingly walked out onto the stage (if that’s what it’s called) and was just simply run over by a monster truck.  Straight up, right under the tire.  Forget the question of how did this happen.  The tire, which was bigger than the guy, just rolled right over him like rolling pin over a big pile of dough.  Imagine, one minute you’re successfully promoting a monster truck event, and the next, you’re flattened in the dirt?  I mean no disrespect to the deceased.  I am simply shocked to see such a nasty way to die.  In front of thousands of people, some of whom have cameras and have documented the event on youtube, and all over the web for that matter.

One response to “A Dirty Way to Die.

  1. cell phones will be the death of all man kind

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