Cursing? Illegal??? Fuck that.

By Dirty Dan


Someone sent me this video about some government douche bag senator who is trying to outlaw public profanity.  This asshole even goes so far as to suggest that people should go to prison for cursing.  What’s wrong with this country when prison’s are already overpopulated due to bullshit drug charges.  If you get caught with a shit load of marijuana, you go to prison.  Now, if you curse in public, you should go to prison?!?!?!?  Does that mean if you get caught with an ounce of marijuana and tell the police to go fuck themselves, you would get even longer jail time?  I guess it depends on where you get caught.  

Didn’t Paris Hilton spend something like 2 whiney days in prison for a DUI?  If I had my way, she would rot in prison, while all the pot smokers of the world were free to roam wild and fuck whenever and wherever they want.  Not to mention, doesn’t this senator have better things to do with his time, like, umm, I don’t know, fix the economy? Un-fucking-believable.

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