‘Special’ Brownies are Dirty but Effective.

By Dirty Danpot-brownie-by-googleI somehow got roped into attending a bland Super Bowl Party this year, so to liven things up, a couple friends and I decided to make a batch of Pot Brownies.  None of us had ever baked a special brownie recipe, so we decided to give it a trial run last night.  Someone brought over a book called Spliffs: A Celebration of Cannabis Culture, which, by the way, is probably the most comprehensive reference book about all things marijuana that you could possibly need to know.  How to roll joints, different types of marijuana, parts of the world that take pride in consumption of marijuana and most importantly, recipes for incorporating that sweet bud into your meals.

With that said, the recipe in the book called for an ounce of pot.  We weren’t sure if that was a typo, but we ended up using about a quarter ounce because we didn’t have nearly close to an ounce.  We had about a half, but nobody was brave enough to put that in.  Basically, the trick to the brownies is to render the pot in the butter.  I believe that has something to do with the THC fusing with the fat molecules or something, but I’m not a chemist, so don’t quote me on that. Here are a list of tips that I want to share with you before you try to make your own.  As for the recipe, just get your favorite brownie recipe and go from there.  One thing I don’t have a good recipe for is brownies.

1.  It is best to grind the buds in a coffee grinder.  If you don’t grind them finely, you will have stems and shit in your brownies.

2.  When you empty the coffee grinder, make sure you keep the keef.  Save the keef in a separate container and use it to sprinkle on your bowl, or whatever you normally smoke.  That shit fucks you up!  We emptied our keef out of the coffee grinder into our pot grinder.  It has this little compartment underneath where all the keef lands when you grind.  It’s like a little batch of special fairy dust!

3.  Unless you love the taste of pot, I strongly recommend adding something to the brownies.  Maybe some chocolate chips or caramel.  We didn’t, and they taste like shit.  (Note:  For some reason, if you stop thinking about it while you eat them, the dirtty taste goes away.  I guess it’s all mental.)

4.  The taste lingers a while after you eat, so chase it with something.  I used beer. 

5.  I’m still not sure how much to eat.  We made 12 brownies and each had one.  The problem is that we baked while we were baking, so I don’t know which had what effect.  We saved bigger brownies for Sunday though.  Who cares about the game this year, I recommend taking your head somewhere else.


3 responses to “‘Special’ Brownies are Dirty but Effective.

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  3. A quarter wont do much, unless its a higher quality. I think your recipe was “right on” 1oz… This is very true about cooking the pot in butter first, at a low temp (post ground n de-seeded). The butter (or oil) then absorbs the THC from the pot… I cook the butter n pot mixture in a non stick skillet, usually use more butter than the recipe asks for (couple tablespoons extra), and it reminds me of making biscuits n gravy, slow process, keep it under MED and using a wood spoon seemed to work best, it will turn into a honey mixture, kinda thick, but don’t over cook n you will make some yummy brownies /w a great body buzz!…

    Anyway thought I would share that on this thread.

    Hyro, the way to go!


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