How Do You Make the Snuggie Look Like a Good Product?

By Dirty Dan


The other night, I thought I was hallucinating from those dirty brownies.  In fact, I wasn’t, someone actually created a commercial for this product.  A GoateeSaver?  Really?  You need a face cup to put over your goatee when you’re shaving?  Are you that stupid?  How hard is it to shave?!?!?  This is yet another example of why our great nation is dying before our eyes.  People are way too fat, lazy and stupid to realize that they don’t need a product that covers their goatee while they are shaving.  For $20 and probably another $10 in shipping and handling, this glorified piece of plastic can be yours, and you’ll never have a crooked goatee again.  File this under ‘another sign of the impending apocalypse.

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