Have You Been Living Under A Rock???

By Dirty Dan

digital television transistion

Over the past couple of years we’ve all been warned about this ‘Digital Television Transistion.’  At first it seemed like a ploy for manufacturers to boost sales of their high definition televisions.  However, after about a year of doom and gloom, it was revealed that all this transition meant was that after a specified date, you need to subscribe to cable, or at least get a digital converter box.  That date was February 17, 2009.  It’s been promoted for at least two years, yet, for some reason, Congress just voted to extend the date another four months until June.  

Apparently, there are almost 7 million people in this country who still use rabbit ears to get a television signal.  And, after years of promotion on this digital transition, these people still haven’t converted to cable.  In fact, they haven’t even taken the government issued $50 rebate to get a free digital converter box.  I mean, what more do we have to do for these people?  Will extending the date another few months really get them off of their fat asses to go to Radio Shack and pick up a converter?  I say if they haven’t done so by now, fuck ’em.  Why should we waste our time, money and assets trying to walk these people through their simple existence?  They’ve had ample time to fix their situation.  I say we just flip the switch, and if they lose their signal, perhaps they’ll either get the situation fixed (so as not to miss one single episode of ‘Dancing With Your Mom‘), or they’ll rediscover life without television.  Maybe then they’ll snap out of their zombie-like state and become more productive members of society.

In case you are one of the people who hasn’t updated your television, here’s a link that will answer any of your questions.  You’re dirty, but don’t ever say I don’t give you anything.

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