WTF Snuggie?!?!?

By Dirty Dan

For some reason, people love these ridiculous snuggies.  I can tell based on the amount of random people who find the Dirty White Blog.  A large percentage of them find it by searching for words like ‘snuggie’, ‘snuggie scam,’ snuggie sucks’, etc.  Therefore, I’ve posted the ‘parody’ video above.  It captures my sentiments toward the snuggie, exactly.  Basically, if you want to be a tool, wear a snuggie.

4 responses to “WTF Snuggie?!?!?

  1. It’s sad…what’s the big appeal with this thing?

  2. Dirty White Blog

    I don’t know. It’s a backwards robe with no hood. I don’t get it either, brother.

  3. the Snuggie is my excuse to dress like a pink Jedi

  4. You are so damn right about the Snuggie. WTF is up with that thing. I read a blog from a guy named Slate Rockwell ( he writes about the Snuggie as well…. TOO FUNNY, LOL!

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