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Dirty Croc

By Dirty Dan

dirty-crocodileOn my way to work this morning, I came across this crazy story in the news.  Apparently, a five year old boy was playing near a river when he vanished on February 8th.  Jeremy Doble had been playing with his seven-year-old brother Ryan and their dog behind their family property in a flooded mangrove swamp when he disappeared.  His brother, being a ‘good brother’, mentioned seeing a crocodile, but never witnessed any attack linked to said disappearance.  A few days later, his remains were found in the stomach of a 14ft male crocodile trapped in the flooded Daintree River in north Queensland.  

What an unfortunate occurrence.  I mean, you can’t really predict when it’s your time to go, but I’m sure that was the last thing on this kids mind, regardless of whether he saw a croc or not.  And, in fairness to the croc, this kid probably did see him coming because his parents run a “Crocodile Spotting” business.  And in fact, those parents are apparently not seeking vengeance on the reptile in question.  They’ve asked that the crocodile that ate their son not be killed because he’s “the dominant male in that part of the river.”  What the fuck?  Really?  If that thing ate anyone I know, let alone my son, I would say ‘off with it’s head’.