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California is Dirty, and I LOVE It!

By Dirty Dan


I came across this article this morning.  Apparently in this current time of the Apocalypse, desperate times call for ‘desperate‘ measures.  Over the past decade and beyond, the State of California has drowned itself in debt due to an over abundance of ‘social programs’ that enable those less fortunate to reap the benefits of those who aren’t.  Long story short, you think the US economy is in the shitter?  The California State economy has slimed it’s way down the shitter, and is sitting in a pile of rot and used feminine products in the septic tank.  So, naturally, all of the politicians are scrambling for ideas on how to save face.  One such idea was recently concocted (or should I say, re-presented as original) by Democratic State Assembly member Tom Ammiano.  He wants to legalize marijuana and give the state additional tax revenue on the $14+ billion industry that is this cash crop.

Now, not only does this sound Utopian because I’m a born-again stoner, but it also makes perfect sense.  I mean, you see all the arguments for and against pot, but one thing remains true…  all of the other legal drugs (alcohol, tobacco and, yes, even caffeine) have been linked to death.  Alcohol especially, leads to deaths of others through drunk driving/wife beating/etc. But you never hear about stoners crashing into walls or baby carriages on the street, and you certainly don’t read about the stoner who went on a shooting rampage.  Stoners are chill.  It’s part of the culture!  So, why wouldn’t the government want to open the door for all of that extra revenue?  I mean, generally speaking, it seems that law enforcement officials have better things to do these days than stroll through a park and rough up a few hippies for that dime bag in their pocket. 

Legalization of marijuana would benefit EVERYONE.  And I challenge you to prove me wrong.  The government would make money.  The stoner would pay less because it’d no longer be illegal.  The dealer would either be forced to move on to harder, more profitable drugs, or get a job at a video store (or do countless other things).  And nobody gets hurt.  Period.  The fact remains that people who want to smoke pot, will smoke pot.  Legal or not, they still have avenues to find it, buy it and smoke (or bake) it.  AND, it would subject the American people to less useless news stories about celebrity pot scandals.  Maybe then we could collectively focus on bigger, more personally relevant issues that should be the focus of our attention!!! (last dirty white blog plug, I promise)

All in all, what’s the big deal people???  All the right players are in place in CA (see picture above), so let’s get down to business!  After all, what better way to introduce a little joy into this sullen world?  To quote Jay from Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, “Yo! You guys need to turn those frowns upside down. And I got just the thing for that.”


Michael Phelps Endorses Marijuana

By Dirty Dan


In an effort to bring the legalization of marijuana one step closer to reality, Michael Phelps recently smoked a 3 foot bong and allowed someone to take a picture, submit it to the media, and show the entire world.  

What better way to promote all of the great things that marijuana does than by showing a world record olympic swimmer using the product?  I bet marijuana didn’t even have to pay for this endorsement.  Kudos to Phelps.  I was having a real hard time jumping on the Phelps bandwagon during the olympics, but now I think I can say that I like this guy.

‘Special’ Brownies are Dirty but Effective.

By Dirty Danpot-brownie-by-googleI somehow got roped into attending a bland Super Bowl Party this year, so to liven things up, a couple friends and I decided to make a batch of Pot Brownies.  None of us had ever baked a special brownie recipe, so we decided to give it a trial run last night.  Someone brought over a book called Spliffs: A Celebration of Cannabis Culture, which, by the way, is probably the most comprehensive reference book about all things marijuana that you could possibly need to know.  How to roll joints, different types of marijuana, parts of the world that take pride in consumption of marijuana and most importantly, recipes for incorporating that sweet bud into your meals.

With that said, the recipe in the book called for an ounce of pot.  We weren’t sure if that was a typo, but we ended up using about a quarter ounce because we didn’t have nearly close to an ounce.  We had about a half, but nobody was brave enough to put that in.  Basically, the trick to the brownies is to render the pot in the butter.  I believe that has something to do with the THC fusing with the fat molecules or something, but I’m not a chemist, so don’t quote me on that. Here are a list of tips that I want to share with you before you try to make your own.  As for the recipe, just get your favorite brownie recipe and go from there.  One thing I don’t have a good recipe for is brownies.

1.  It is best to grind the buds in a coffee grinder.  If you don’t grind them finely, you will have stems and shit in your brownies.

2.  When you empty the coffee grinder, make sure you keep the keef.  Save the keef in a separate container and use it to sprinkle on your bowl, or whatever you normally smoke.  That shit fucks you up!  We emptied our keef out of the coffee grinder into our pot grinder.  It has this little compartment underneath where all the keef lands when you grind.  It’s like a little batch of special fairy dust!

3.  Unless you love the taste of pot, I strongly recommend adding something to the brownies.  Maybe some chocolate chips or caramel.  We didn’t, and they taste like shit.  (Note:  For some reason, if you stop thinking about it while you eat them, the dirtty taste goes away.  I guess it’s all mental.)

4.  The taste lingers a while after you eat, so chase it with something.  I used beer. 

5.  I’m still not sure how much to eat.  We made 12 brownies and each had one.  The problem is that we baked while we were baking, so I don’t know which had what effect.  We saved bigger brownies for Sunday though.  Who cares about the game this year, I recommend taking your head somewhere else.

Cursing? Illegal??? Fuck that.

By Dirty Dan


Someone sent me this video about some government douche bag senator who is trying to outlaw public profanity.  This asshole even goes so far as to suggest that people should go to prison for cursing.  What’s wrong with this country when prison’s are already overpopulated due to bullshit drug charges.  If you get caught with a shit load of marijuana, you go to prison.  Now, if you curse in public, you should go to prison?!?!?!?  Does that mean if you get caught with an ounce of marijuana and tell the police to go fuck themselves, you would get even longer jail time?  I guess it depends on where you get caught.  

Didn’t Paris Hilton spend something like 2 whiney days in prison for a DUI?  If I had my way, she would rot in prison, while all the pot smokers of the world were free to roam wild and fuck whenever and wherever they want.  Not to mention, doesn’t this senator have better things to do with his time, like, umm, I don’t know, fix the economy? Un-fucking-believable.