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Donkey Punch, the Movie?

By Dirty Dan


I read a film review in AMNY this morning on my way into work.  The film is called Donkey Punch, and yes, it is referring to that donkey punch.  (Note:  AMNY gave the film  3 out of 4 stars).  Of course, this could not possibly get green lit in the United States because we’re too ‘politically correct’ to ever release such a film.  But since they did it over in the U.K., I guess more liberal minded cities such as New York and anywhere in California will definitely jump on board and release it in a few theaters.  I’m all for it.  It looks like a cheesy horror/suspense/fetish thriller movie along the lines of Hostel or any number of others, but the one thing that creates interest is the infamous donkey punch.  I doubt I’ll head to the local theater for this, but if it ever ends up at Blockbuster, I’m there.