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Religulous Exposes the Dirt that is Organized Religion

By Dirty Dan


I finally got around to seeing Bill Maher’s surprisingly poignant documentary Religulous last night.  Now, granted, it’s pretty one sided, in a sense that they don’t really choose the best responses from the individuals he interviews (at least, I really, REALLY hope they aren’t the best responses!!!).  Based on the people he interviews, from the streets of middle America all the way to the Vatican, the film made me wonder how anyone could possibly take the Bible, the Koran, the Kabbalah or any other book that tries to dictate one’s moral actions seriously.

Throughout the film, Maher wanders the world debating anyone who’ll speak to him about the concepts and ideas of all the various world religions.  He poses very simple questions such as “if God is all mighty, then why doesn’t he just rid the world of Satan?”  Answer:  he will.

He will?  Wtf is that?!?!

Most of the people chicken out and run away (or look like they want to punch him) when they realize his intent of making a ‘documentary about religion’.  I understand that it’s hard to mess with people and their faith, but some of these people are blatantly trying to cash in off of religion more than actually believe in it themselves.  One of my more favorite moments was when he asked someone who claims to have received a message from God why God only communicates with one person at a time.  Wouldn’t it be much more efficient for God to speak to all human beings at once?  I mean, does God not have spam capabilities? 

In the film, Maher is able to expose Organized Religion for what it is.  After all, why is it only individuals who are at weak points in their lives (ie. in jail, recovering from assorted addictions, experienced loss of a loved one, etc) who claim to have faith and believe in God.  Doesn’t that seem to be very convenient for those who profit off of the weak?  In Religulous, Maher interviews one of those televangelists who preaches on tv to hundreds of thousands of people at once.  He makes a point to mention all of the designer clothes, fancy jewels and snakeskin boots that the televangelist is wearing, and how they were bought with money from the collection plate.  This man, who many people rely on for faith, tells Maher that his viewers expect him to look good.

I could, and should, write a blog of some sort on this film, and organized religion as a whole.  But I’m pressed for time right now, and the key message I found most inspiring in Religulous was that anyone and everyone who is nonreligious, Atheist or Agnostic…  we need to stand up and unite as one, and tell all of these people who would rather kill and destroy in the name of their God than share a world of peace to shut the fuck up and find a new hobby.


Sinners Repent, the End is Near…

By Dirty Dan


Have you ever been walking down a city street, minding your own business, and some asshole starts preaching to you about the end of the world?  Dirty Dick sent me a link to the picture above and it reminded me of one such occurrence that happened the saturday before 9-11-01.  My brother came to visit with his girlfriend at the time, and she was ‘not from around here’, so naturally, we did what everyone has to do when someone from out of town comes to visit New York City.  We took her on a tour of all of the city’s greatest tourist traps.  Times Square, Rockefeller Center, ferry ride, etc.

While we were rounding a corner near Rockefeller Center, we came across some loud mouth religious-type who was spouting off something or other about the Apocalypse.  I have seen many of these people in my time.  While I could give two shits what anyone believes in a religious sense, I can’t stand when they try to force their beliefs on anyone and everyone within earshot.  Not only is it noise pollution, but it’s almost as annoying as those other idiots who go door to door trying to hand out the way of the Lord.  If I want to read about the good Lord, that’s what libraries and Church is for.  (NOTE TO RELIGIOUS NUTS:  You can’t convert someone who has no interest in converting, so you’re just wasting your time, and that of everyone else.)

Anyway, as we approached this kook, I was annoyed listening to his verbal diarrhea.  I yelled out something to the effect of “Hey asshole!  I hear all of you dipshits yelling about the end of the world.  When is it going to happen already?!?!?!”  He stopped talking for a moment and chillingly stared at me.  Finally, he started yelling directly at me, saying “WHEN THE END COMES, GOD WILL NOT SAVE YOU” or some mumbo-jumbo.  I thought nothing of that day, until about 3 days later when two planes crashed into the World Trade Center.  Then, it occured to me:  Wow!  How coincidental that was!

Trust me.  If God exists, the last thing he cares about is some asshole on a soapbox trying to convince you that he knows what he is talking about.  And, if that is exactly what God cares about, I have no interest in spending eternity in the afterlife if I have to hang out with more assholes than I hang out with here in this life.

Top Ten Things This Country Could Do Without…

By Dirty Dan

Have you ever come across something that makes you sick?  Something that you just look at and wonder, wouldn’t we all be much better off without this?  Like, if you woke up tomorrow and it just simply no longer existed, the world would be a much smarter, safer, or simply pleasant place to live?  Here are my Top Ten:

10.  Hillary Clinton

hillary_clintonAfter the last eight years, it was almost impossible for the Democrats to not win the 2008 Presidential Election.  Standing on a platform of ‘Change’, you had a young, African-American Senator who spoke of revising the current, old school political system, and an ‘old school’ political figure who was best known for standing beside her wandering man.  Somehow, Clinton tried to preach of change, and, even more confusing, she almost convinced the Democrats that she was sincere (as she has done so many times in the past).  If there was one sign that the apocalypse is not happening, it is that she did not win the Democratic Nomination.  Who knows what would have happened if she won.  It’s bad enough that she somehow made a side deal (if I concede, you have to put me on your cabinet, or else I will destroy the Democratic Party) and ended up as Secretary of State.



9.  FOX News Channel (and all the rest for that matter)

coulterhill_jezebelflvA sign OF the Apocalypse…  this ‘Fair and Balanced’ News Network has managed to influence the likes of Evangelicals, Senior Citizens, and what I believe to be mentally challenged citizens by bombarding them with fear and destruction.  The other cable news channels are not far behind.  What happened to real news, with no agenda? 



8.  The New York MTA System


How does one of the biggest and most often used Subway Systems justify a 29% fare hike to cover a $1.2 Billion shortfall?  Better yet, how the hell does the New York City Subway system have a $1.2 Billion shortfall?  If you’ve ever ridden on this system, you can see that the money certainly doesn’t go to clean, efficient and reliable service.  Not that I’m an expert in the MTA and how they run their company, but it appears to me that they are one of the most corrupt organizations east of the Hudson River.  I’m not suggesting that there be no Subway System in New York City.  Simply that someone else should take it over.  Someone who knows how to run a transit system, perhaps.



7.  Crappy, Cookie-Cut Mass Mediahole-in-the-wall-fox-red-team

Mindless Americans, I appeal to you.  As long as you watch Law & Order: Lawn Furniture Theft, or CSI:Omaha, they will continue to make more!  Same goes for reality television!  Do we really need shows like Fox’s recent, Hole in the Wall?  Really?  A show about people jumping through walls?


6.  Gourmet Mexican Food

Okay, this one will undoubtedly offend any yuppies who may happen across it.  Read this very closely…  THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO NEED FOR GOURMET MEXICAN FOOD.  In my opinion, it is an oxymoron.  You can not have Mexican food that is gourmet.  The two do not mesh well.  Have you ever been to Mexico?  Even the nicest parts are not that glamourous.  I mean, sure there may be a couple of high end Mexican food places in Mexico, but that is not where people- well, anyone who has their head out of their ass- should expect to find good mexican food.  I want the sloppiest, dirtiest, hole-in-the-wall (note: proper usage of the term) Mexican restaurants.  The kind that you need to make a wrong turn to find.  I one time found such a place in Downtown Las Vegas.  It was about three blocks down Fremont Street.  I think there were actually tumbleweeds outside, rolling over drunk and disoriented bums.  The bathroom was down a long hallway that looked like a rape scene in a very realistic movie.  The food was fantastic.


5.  Hollywood Skanks

I know everyone has expressed this sentiment.  I will just add that I made it number 5 because I still believe that they all need to go away, even though they seem to have started to.  Keep going!  (Definition of Hollywood Skank:  If you are more famous for showing your taint than you are for any film, tv show, album, etc. you have made in the past year, you are a skank.)


4.  Jay Leno

Dear NBC,

Really?  Jay Leno, 5 nights a week?  You have already violated our pupils with all of your 85% Reality TV/Law & Order schedule (See #7).  I understand you are trying to appeal to the goats of our society who like to sit on the couch and eat their grass, but I assure you, there are plenty of people who actually like new and unusual tv shows.  Unfortunately, you just haven’t found many that stick.  Doesn’t mean you should give up and commit all of your prime-time schedule to bullshit!  It would be better, even if you remade The Cosby Show!


A Very Concerned (Former) Fan


3.  MTV

It’s been written enough about MTV that they no longer have music videos.  Fine, viewers don’t take to music videos anymore.  It’s hard to run programming that involves music and appeals to a mass audience.  I understand.  But that is no reason to sell your soul and further desecrate the country by airing skull-raping programs such as The Hills, all of The Hills Spin-offs, and My Super Sweet 16.  I hold a large amount of responsibility over you for giving tomorrow’s leaders the sense of entitlement that they have amassed.  


2.  Organized Religion










Whether you’re into Christianity, Judaism, Scientology or Oprah Winfrey, this country could do without you.  How can we possibly encourage original thought and free speech when you have these large groups of people who say and do whatever they are told, and fear anyone who doesn’t?  

Whether God exists and wants you to obey his commands, or we were created by aliens as a science experiment, who says you are wrong to believe whatever it is you believe?  My problem is when you try to convince me to drink your Kool-Aid.  I prefer a pint of Anchor Steam, and that doesn’t make me any less human than you.  Instead of wasting your breath trying to convert people to your world, you should focus on obeying your own principles.  That means no more touching choirboys and stealing money from the collection plate, among other things.


1.  New England


Whether I’m talking about your driving habits, or you undying love for annoying other sports fans who don’t like your teams.  Or even that awful, Awful accent.  ‘Nuff said.

Strange Occurrence with a Random Bum.

By Dirty Dan

So, last night, on my walk to the train, I had to detour through one of those tunnels that go under construction sites.  There is this huge hotel being built, so they make pedestrians walk under the construction so that in the event that something falls (lately, cranes in New York City tend to collapse when God farts).  Anyway, I was walking through, and all of a sudden, I heard this whistling.  I rounded a corner to find a- what seemed to be homeless- man sitting next to his worldly possessions, whistling the song ‘Silver Bells’.  

Now, seeing how this is more than two weeks after Christmas, I figured that this guy was a little off kilt.  So naturally, the whistling got to me.  I started whistling too.  ‘Silver Bells’.  Equally as loud as I walked by.  He didn’t even flinch.  I was not scared, but rather apprehensive to look and see his reaction, so I didn’t.  But as I walked on, the strangest thing happened.  Someone else joined in.  And then two more people.  Almost everyone who was walking under this site, for that split second, joined in a (mediocre at best) rendition of some old Christmas song.  In January.

I don’t know why I felt the need to share this, but it was strange, and fascinating.  It was also very cheesy.  Not so much dirty, well, other than the homeless man who looked rather scuffed up.  I recommend trying it out sometime.  The next time you hear someone whistling, or humming; even if it is a homeless man, or a crack whore.  Do it to connect with someone you wouldn’t normally connect with.  We’re all people, and we’re all in this together.

Crack is Whack Small

Speaking of crack whores.  I came across this RANDOM blog yesterday while I was bored and googling random words and phrases.  I don’t know why I do that, but I guess it keeps more of my interest than news media and celebrity crotch shots.  Apparently, this guy who lives in Washington D.C. was looking out his window into the alley behind his apartment, and he came across two crack heads engaging in all sorts of sex, drugs, and sloppy holes.  Very, VERY Dirty!